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Money transfers

 Ways of payment is a lot. At this point, however, we will focus on the three most popular. Well basically four, but two will embrace one point. Why so? Just if anyone is going to deposit some Bitcoin, paysafecard or something, it is usually and so he knows how they work. The vast majority of investors, however, use one of the following options:

  • Credit card.
  • Bank transfer (fast transfer).
  • Skrill.

 Credit card is one of the most popular means of payment in western countries. In Poland, a lot of people are not even enough mentally to believe it. However, there is nothing to worry about - our featured brokers are fully regulated for and safe, and thus the data from your card will not be captured anywhere. When card deposits must remember two things:

  1. verification,
  2. the amount of the payment.

When making a deposit by credit card brokers usually ask for the scan (you can paint over the important numbers ). Therefore, the problem may be a virtual card to make a deposit (eg Orange Cash). The second issue is the payment. It may not exceed the amount of the deposit. All profits must be transferred to your bank account.

And thus we move on to other forms of payment - bank transfers. It's basically the oldest form of online payment. Bank transfers have to be divided into traditional and fast. Traditional definitely not recommend to anyone. They are long-lasting, often subject to additional fees and require us to fulfill all the formal procedures. Much better it is with the rapid transfers in which the deposit can be made within minutes.

What is important is often the payment of our resources will have to be contracted by bank transfer. And it is this traditional. Why? Because many brokers does not support Skrill payments and other modern methods, and the card will pay up to as much as we deposited.

The final method is Skrill monetary transactions. Skrill ( Moneybookers old ) is a virtual wallet with cash - held mandatory for every investor. If you have not yet Skrill account - click here and sign up for free in minutes! Skrill has some undeniable advantages:

  1. It's fast.
  2.  It's safe. 
  3. It multicurrencies. 
  4. It can be develop a credit card.

Especially pay attention to the points of the third and fourth (because the first two apply, in principle, a credit card and high-speed transfers.) In skrillu one account can be in three currencies - PLN, USD and EUR. As a result, we do not lose nor a penny on currencies fee transfers. In addition, totally free to Skrill you can develop Mastercard credit cards, which we will spend no commission wins on investment in shops and restaurants.

Already sign up for Skrill!

 Important: Carefully choose your preferred form of payment, because the wrong choice will reduce your profits!

Things to watch

In the era of Internet and information overload can be quite easy to miss small loopholes, which always somehow lose. Or on the total value of the transaction, or on commission, or at the same time, that after all it is the money. Therefore, making deposits and withdrawals should always pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Fee.
  • Bonuses.
  • Conversion.
  • Verification.
  • Telephone confirmation.

When it comes to bonuses and verifications of documents are topics so extensive that they have devoted separate articles. In short, the idea is to always doing the payment assert a bonus ( read entire article ), and making the payment to be prepared for the verification of documents ( read entire article ).

The next two points : commissions and conversion costs relate strictly already own. Brokers may deduct for commission for our deposit and / or payment, even if they do not do can do intermediary (bank, Skrill, VISA). Fortunately, most brokers take these charges at each other, so there is no need to incur any additional costs.

Much worse looks matter of changing currency. If we assume an account with a broker binary options in foreign currency ( USD, EUR, etc ), and all forms of payment (cards, bank accounts, wallets Internet ) will have in local currency (or vice versa ), then each transaction is waiting for us the cost of conversion. And these tend to be huge. Enough to say that the payment of 2,000 euros to Opteck of Polish mBank that, without investment just to pay this amount costs us .. 1500 PLN! To avoid this, always try to have an account with a broker in the same currency as though one of the means of payment.

How to deal with currency conversion if you already have an account in a particular currency? It is good to set up an account in the relevant currency in a competitive portfolio of internet, by some regarded as a better option. Speech, of course Neteller. Click here for a free Neteller account!

Telephone confirmation, however, are very safe diversion payments. They may get upset at the beginning, but in the event of account theft are looking forward to, that no one will be able to benefit from the funds invested on it. What the? Almost every broker in the order of payment is calling us asking, are you sure we have tabled this contract. Simple and fast.

Important: When selecting a payment method watch mainly on conversion!