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Binary options - builder

Ok we decided to invest in binary options. We have chosen a broker, we paid a deposit now what? In fact, waiting for us now the easiest, but also the most difficult step. To invest enough because two mouse clicks. However, each broker offers options essentially complete freedom to create their investments. Therefore, we now spend five minutes and read what our options. 

Especially that we (not broker) we set basically everything. At our discretion should be: 

  • type of binary option, 
  • instrument observed, 
  • rate (beyond the minimum), 
  • expiration time, 
  • earnings (broker offers, but we decide that we are interested in) 
  • and most importantly - the direction of change. 

Important: Binary options builder allows us to determine, in principle, all variables investment!

Types of binary options

Binary options can be divided into four main types. In fact, each of the brokers offering them all and they are all worth the attention of the investment. In fact, the division is attributable only to diversify investments and the desire to attract investors. They are:

  • High / Low;
  • One Touch;
  • Boundary;
  • Short Term ( Fast, 60 seconds, 30 seconds).

UP / DOWN is the most popular way to invest in binary options. It consists of an ordinary predict whether the price of the instrument will change up or down in a given period of time. Some brokers gives us full flexibility in setting the deadline for completion, others give ranges but it is always about 5 minutes to even the end of the day. Of course, with the change of time varies per cent gain and attention is not always in proportion!

One touch of a situation in which the broker sets the price fictional us, and we must decide whether the price of a real " touch " of this fictitious prices at a fixed time. It is always so determined, of course, that was such a chance, but roughly 50 percent.

Boundary is the opposite of some of the above options. Broker establishes a certain area ( surrounding the current price of the top and bottom ), and we have to decide whether the set time price will remain in the area. Importantly, in contrast to the usual options just that theprice jump off the area for one second option was to win / loss - does not matter the final outcome.

Quick is a classic option, however, of a very short period expires. In principle or 30 -second or 60 -second. What is interesting options such has both a higher risk and lower profit levels. However, they are the most addictive and popular.

Important: Select the kind of options that will bring you the biggest profits!

Additional variables

In addition to the type of option, which is the most important choice of each investor must decide on :

  • instrument ,
  • rate ,
  • time options,
  • profit,
  • the direction of change.

Available instruments depend on the broker, but the biggest has to offer the most major currency pairs, stocks, commodities and stock indices. You do not need to write here that the most popular instruments are currency pairs.

The rate also depends on us. In addition, of course, the minimum rate that sets the broker and you will know in our reviews. It is important that the rate is unlikely to change. All kinds of progressions are not recommended due to the possibility of bankruptcy fast.

Expiration time is the most important variable that is constantly linked with the amount of profit. Each investor must decide what level of profit for a given period of time accepted, and even what is most beneficial for him.

Well, the direction of change. Once we determine all variables remains for us to decide whether we think the price will rise or fall.

Important: Gain not always increases with duration of options!